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deWiz Swing Analyzer

deWiz is a sensor worn on the wrist which not only allows us to analyse your swing in more detail, but also help you change it. Based on neuroscience, it enables you to change your ingrained motor pattern more quickly meaning you can improve faster.

Hand Path
The green and blue lines show hand path in the backswing and downswing respectively.

deWiz Hand Path.jpg
deWiz Hand Speed.jpg

Hand Speed
The speed of the hands links to the speed of the clubhead and therefore potential distance. As well as measuring peak hand speed, deWiz shows how far before impact that occurs to tell us the efficiency of the release.

Learning Stimuli
deWiz can be set to give a small electrical impulse if a certain parameter is broken. For example, if the transition becomes too "Over the Top", the impulse can be triggered. This helps the brain make swing changes faster.

deWiz Learning Stimuli.jpg
deWiz Data.jpg

In Depth Data

Trouble with swinging "Over the Top"? With deWiz we can measure that move and help you improve it.

For the first time we can also measure how much you steepen or shallow the club.



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